Message from the Curator

As a human and woman of this living world, I have faced many challenges and always am ready to face what is yet to come in the future challenges. Respecting every person is what I have always learned from people around me, and I can say it is the most beautiful thing ever to do which does not take much effort to be kind.

Kryštof Novotný reached out to me when I was still working on my first exhibition with this beautiful exhibition proposal with organized materials that stunned me. Looking at his works and descriptions made me wonder a lot of things myself, which opened a new door to explanation and exploration. What amused me is the choice of color palette, forms, and figure drawing that holds the essence of this series. Each work is exquisitely branched to meaningful words that draw a visual story of understanding the works in a new perception. Things worked out for the best and here we are, presenting Mi-Sul’s first solo exhibition. The love and warmth I have received for the last exhibition have led me to this today. It gave me glory and hope to a life that I always wanted as a curator, I am still in the process but the process is what I am significantly enjoying. I hope you all enjoy this exhibition as much as I did, all these needs is just a relaxing mind which is ready to perceive many angles that these works have to offer.

My message to you is that “we all are individually dealing ad overcoming our strengths and weaknesses, in the end, we have got ourselves and the people who walked with us in this journey”, similarly how these wonderful women walked with Kryštof in his journey.

And to finish this statement, I would like to convey my gratitude, your support means the world to me.

Aishwarya Kulkarni

What it Feels Like for a Girl

"What if feels like for a Girl" is an extensive exhibition conceived into a series of twenty oil paintings created from 2018 to 2020 in a unified format. Kryštof Novotný commits to dedicate this exhibition to all the women who inspired his life exceeding in many ways. The models portrayed in the paintings come from the artist’s life – friends, families, and acquaintances that became family. Kryštof notes: “Women played an important role in my life. When I was little, I had more friends and I understand my life so far more with women. I have always taken women as muses that inspire me not only in an artistic career but also in my personal life. I admire their way of thinking and looking at the world. In my life so far, I have had the incredible opportunity to meet exceptional women who have strongly influenced and supported in m decisions. For many of these reasons, I decided to dedicate this exhibition exclusively for them and imprint my admiration and love for them in the means of these twenty oil paintings. Last but not the least, I would like to thank them for their long-term inspiration and support.” He points out the growing tendency for the negative perception of feminism. Each work of art in the exhibition is supplemented by an analysis of the painting, the expression of the artist and the depicted models serve as a guide for the viewers by presenting various views on the hidden meanings behind them. We are aware of the role of contemporary art, which as in the past plays the role of a bearer of the mirror of society, which not only reflects but also asks questions. Therefore, this exhibition addresses everyone regardless of gender by updating topics through the original approach of the artist. 


“What it feels like for a girl” exhibition is divided into two sections – Day & Night comprising ten works of art each that capture the key moments in the women’s lives. The night section of paintings portrays the dark side of the human personality in general filled with thoughts, feelings, sorrows like how any other person feels. The day section portrays more of a positive perspective according to the artist that demonstrates joy, positive thoughts, ecstasy. Eight of these paintings have been inspired by the American Horror Story – Coven Series (2013), and the movie – Cement Garden (1993), songs, and music videos where the characters and situations directly connected to the subject of work. 

"What it feels like for a Girl" online exhibition has now ended. Please feel free to download the exhibition

catalogue below. 

"What it Feels Like for a Girl" 2021 EXHIBITION CATALOGUE

So much art & So little time!


© 2021 by, Aishwarya Kulkarni

All rights reserved.

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