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We all come across that one moment that led us to achieve unbelievable things in life that we never saw coming, may it be personal or professional. That moment for me was this website. As you all know how much I have been longing to grab an opportunity to work in a museum/gallery. Establishing this website was my best decision which has allowed me to gain various experiences in advanced manner. I am learning to achieve many goals and tasks single-handedly with a fixed deadline to which I am always dedicated to efficiently work for. That is my “one” – mono.

All that I am focusing at the moment is to provide an excellent visual experience of online exhibitions with required elements and sources. What I have learnt from these experiences in the past six months is that; waiting for opportunities to come to you is one thing, but making one for yourself and make the magic happen for me is the art of waiting. There is a fine difference here, sometimes we wait after we think we have done enough for something we want, but to act on what you are waiting for will simply make your dreams fall into your alignment with time. It is always about the right timing, we never know when will ours be, but we still wait for it. This is something I have believed and experienced so far.

My message to you is that; “if you are reading this, this is your sign to act on what you want in life, may it be small or big, it will make a difference.”



“mono” is an online exhibition featuring twenty-one artists from around the world sharing with us that “one” work of art, that changed their lives, inspired them to become who they are today, that holds a special place in their hearts. A work of art they can never forget. These incredible works of art by these wonderful artists will take you through their journey of art by telling you an individualistic stories behind each work. I think I have said enough now. Since “mono” here represents single/one, I will wrap up this exhibition description in one paragraph as what comes next is a whole book of beautiful and inspirational stories.

"mono" online exhibition has now ended. Please feel free to download the exhibition catalogue below. 


So much art & So little time!


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