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Josephine Florens started painting in 2017. She studied at the painting school "Art-Ra" with the Odessa artist-painter Sergei Simora. The main direction of study was the South Russian school of painting. Josephine is an honorary member of the Union of Poets and Writers of the World, an international organization of poets, writers and artists from around the world. She is also is a member of the Odessa Union of Marine Painters, Ukraine. Member of the section "Environmental Protection and Monitoring of the Black Sea" of the "Union of Marine Painters of the City of Odessa".

She creates oil paintings in various genres, such as portrait , landscape , still life , genre painting , animal painting , marina. Most of her painting styles visualize realism, impressionism, and mixed-media.

"Over the Pond" 

2021, 30×40 cm, Oil on Canvas ©Josephine

This painting was painted before the death of my father. Despite the very good weather, my picture turned out to be a little shaded, dim, as originally conceived, apparently I felt a tragedy.

"Coronavirus Pause"

2020, 95×75 cm, Oil on Canvas ©Josephine

Everyone sometimes needs a pause to rethink what is happening. This long pause occurred during quarantine due to the coronavirus. Did people have enough time to realize their mistakes?

"Breath of Autumn" 

2020, 40×50 cm, Oil on Canvas ©Josephine

Croatia is just beautiful! You don't need to think about where to find a place for inspiration. Just stand on the road and paint!


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"For me, art is fashion and I do my best to show it in my work. By education, I am a Psychologist and Pedagogue of Deviant Behavior, so I try to reveal the sacred themes of humanity through minimalistic paintings, photos and art objects.

Apart from that, I try to use unnecessary materials. I pursue ideas of social aesthetics through my artworks, which are predominantly created from reused and recycled materials. So, I use vinyl advertising banners that are no longer reused instead of canvas, stretch them on a stretcher and paint like on a regular canvas."

“100 Years of Decay”  

2019, Photo-Triptych ©Maksim


"100 YEARS OF DECAY" is a gum glued to the filter of a cigarette, when blurred, this composition begins to resemble a "mushroom" arising from a nuclear explosion. This is the main goal - to draw an analogy between the consequences. The concept consists in exaggeration - how something small and harmless, at first glance, can turn out to be something significant and dangerous not only for one person, but also for humanity.

According to various sources, in hot or rather warm climates, gum can decompose on the ground for about 30 years. In cold climates, even more maybe for about a century. A cigarette filter takes 5 to 15 years to decompose. The recovery of soil after nuclear explosions, depending on the power and type of charge, takes about 100-200 years before the radiation level becomes more or less acceptable.

Thus, this triptych is a metaphor for our unconscious reality, in which people ignore what cannot be ignored.

“Untitled (Sacral)”  

2021, 70×53 cm, Oil on Canvas from Vinyl Banner ©Maksim

This work is about the inner emotional state of a person. What worries him/her. These are the stripes that make up the path of a person. And they are all a gradation of black and white in different proportions. It can also be the opinions of people that affect the essence of a person and events that change his/her philosophy, his/her way and him/her.

“After You. Say Something”  

2020,  57×47 cm, Oil on Canvas from Vinyl Banner ©Maksim

Everyone had the feeling of an unpleasant or exciting conversation with a loved one or themselves. This chair is what remains after the conversation. Those thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing, those words that you did not say. And only a chair that burns with a bright flame in your eyes reminding you of this conversation.


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The internal reality is in a constant clash with reality . We create an inner world nurtured by our beliefs wishes and our need to be alive while reality allows us to meet what is there physically.


"My art is dark. It is the inner workings of distress: cultural, personal, existential. Although I am drawn to the idea of transcendence, I mostly dwell in the underwater. My works point towards an alternative reality where the inside is out and deep scars are allowed to be worn with pride. I find it interesting where the inner world meets reality, where culture meets nature and when life meets death. I draw from my personal experience of post trauma and displacement and by viewing my environment. I work from life or from visual references, either current or historic. I seek improbable heroes in unexpected places as subjects. The end result is a hybrid of the mental and physical realms coinciding. I use acids, solvents, asphalt, ink, pencil and gouache on paper or wood. My techniques aim at fusing the media with the material used rather than painting on it. This process of fusing calls for unorthodox methods which I explore through trial and error, much error."


2021, 23×33 cm, Graphite on Paper ©Tamir

Victory can be harsh but everybody loves winners.

“Lotus Flies”  

2020, 23×23 cm, Gouache on Paper ©Tamir

The lotus files is my perspective of the lockdown period from a point of view that ignores reality completely. Heaven.


2021, 23×33 cm, Graphite on Paper ©Tamir

Steeped is one of my versions to the pieta. An inner one of course.

“The Story of Figure Expression I” 

2020, 30×42 cm, Ballpoint Pen & Coloured Pencils on Watercolour Paper ©Wan Ahmad


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Wan Ahmad Idham is an emerging artist, studying at the UiTM Seri Iskandar. He develops the theme of past memory in his work. He often employs the Malaysian’s scenery as the main subject in a realistic manner.


The following works narrates the artist’s study of the production of semi-realistic figures and the use of color according to appropriate emotions. The principle of simplicity is also attempted to be translated by the artist in this work, which consists of simple figures, colors, and compositions. An understanding of psychological color is important in enhancing the comprehension of the viewing audience. The existence of an interesting composition can also facilitate the audience in expressing an issue of the work based on their basic experience. 

These works display the artist's expression in describing an emotion by using appropriate colors where he has focused on the sad emotions of figures who sometimes face difficulties in daily life.

“The Story of Figure Expression II” 

2020, 30×42 cm, Ballpoint Pen & Coloured Pencils on Watercolour Paper ©Wan Ahmad

“The Story of Figure Expression III”  

2020, 30×42 cm, Ballpoint Pen & Coloured Pencils on Watercolour Paper ©Wan Ahmad




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