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Al Petelin is a contemporary self-taught artist who works mainly in painting and graphics. The main theme or concept according to the artist is not defined, but the most important things for the artist is beauty and balance. The artist does not particularly like to reveal the details of his life, as well as to talk about the meaning and ideas of his works, assuming that everything necessary is already in the work.

"All questions and answers, what is needed and not, the end and the beginning."

Artist says, "I do not like to explain anything in general, all these long deep expressions and statements about ideas, philosophy attempts to explain by itself. The main importance for me is "beauty" with all its grandeur, parodoxicity and chaos, and the work itself. It has everything you need and not. It has the beginning and the end. Questions and answers. The explanations and words according to my deep conviction drive all understanding and feelings into a certain framework, and this limits what is bad."

“Monkeys Under the Red Chair”  

2021, 50x41 cm, Mixed-Media on Canvas © Al

‘there is no description, everything is in the painting.’

"U can’t See it”  

2021, 80 x 60 cm, Mixed-Media on Canvas © Al

‘there is no description, everything is in the painting.’

“Inside the Cup”  

2021, 50x40 cm, Mixed-Media on Canvas © Al

‘there is no description, everything is in the painting.’

“The Unnameable (1)”  

2021, 29/7*42 cm,  Photography and Photomontage ©Amir


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"This collection is the result of my lived life, this setting, I mean Iran- twenty first century. The vagueness is supposed to be one of major themes of these works. As you can see the elements are almost obscure, in some aspects, they are shapeless and unknown. Characters, tone of images, background, all come together to make a sort of abstract content and somehow form, and as I told you before they represent how I experience them in my life. Elements like the human face and body are going to be concrete elements that convey the meaning of concepts that I acquire."

“The Unnameable (2)”  

2021, 30/48*45/72 cm, Photography and Photomontage ©Amir

“The Unnameable (3)”  

2021, 30/48*45/72 cm,  Photography and Photomontage ©Amir


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"I am the development of my history, my studies, my experiences, new people who contribute bad things, but also very good things, you learn from everything.

I am also a large part of those closest to me who have been surrounding and enriching me for 30 years. That's basically what I am.

I could define myself in many ways and put many very technical names to my profession, but I don't really know what I am, I do what I feel the best I can. It is not always easy to materialize something as complicated as an idea in your head.

But when you get..."

"Reason & Passion"

2019, 150x145cm, Hand Sketch, 3d modelling, Lighting, Texturing, Post Production, Depth Framing ©Carlos

The eternal dilemma... Brain or heart ?, reason or passion ? Why not a middle ground?

They say that virtue is at the center. It was not going to be less in this case. If not, it will surely be more. In my opinion, an aspect of life like so many others that must be molded and sculpted as if it were wood, only in this way can we feel crowned in our decision-making. It is something to keep in mind, in the end it is they who guide and mark our path of no return.

"Cup of Love" 

2021, 150x136 cm, Hand Sketch, 3d modelling, Lighting, Texturing, Post Production, Depth Framing ©Carlos

I share with you this our cup full of love. (Although, we do not offer a drink to anyone). A circle that closes, two rings that unite, color, flowers and hope in the same hot drink.

"David Tricolor“ 

2018, 150x145 cm, Hand Sketch, 3d modelling, Lighting, Texturing, Post Production, Depth Framing ©Carlos

David tricolor is my re-interpretation of the history of how and why Michelangelo came to create the famous David. A stage of changes and states that the author went through during creation, each color represents a state and each of the three faces.

"Ferró" Fernando Rial

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"When I was 9 years old, a teacher told us in class to draw whatever we wanted, it occurred to me to paint an abstract expression with many colors that were of exactly what I liked and made me feel. Very proud of my drawing, I presented it to my teacher and the teacher tore it into as many pieces as he could.

That moment marked my artistic life forever and until many years later I was not able to express myself like that again.

When I decided to do it, I started painting on canvas and presenting my works in small galleries and places such as restaurants, Pub’s, etc. I donated one of my works to the public school of Domaio, where my son studied, I do street performance, I paint on canvas, I have painted scooters, I have painted mannequins, I have crushed irons and painted with colors and everything that I play to express what I feel."


2021, 103×73 cm, Acrylic on Paper ©Ferró

I want to share with you and with us a reflection that has served me a lot in life and that has made me very happy, listen… Lirica.


2021, 103×73 cm, Acrylic on Paper ©Ferró

My artistic work is a reflection of my way of seeing life is a rebellion in general and in particular a refusal to be an adult and to remain in childhood.


2021, 103×73 cm, Acrylic on Paper ©Ferró

I learn so much because I look at what most people do not. Oxitocina, welcome to the club of the brave.


So much art & So little time!


© 2021 by, Aishwarya Kulkarni

All rights reserved.

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