aishwarya kulkarni

"Being a part of the huge art world, I am always amused looking at art from the past and present. Anticipating what is yet to come is a thought that crosses my mind more often, wondering what is to come after contemporary art? Being stuck with less or no job opportunities after graduating, while the museums were closed due to COVID-19. Not being able to be without doing nothing, I asked myself one day, “what is really stopping me from doing what I always dreamt of?”

That very question has lead me here today, presenting you my very first exhibition as a curator. My message to you is really something everyone says, I have no idea who first came up with this phrase but… “No one can stop you from doing what you like, it is always in your hands – your future”. And this fits to every individual who wants to hear this.


And to finish this statement, I would like to convey my gratitude to you."


In this fast pacing art world, various art forms being introduced every day, it is time to take a pause to look around us. Working as an artist, may it be freelancing or contractual, it is not easy, just like any profession. Evidently speaking, in some circumstances it is hard for some people to accept art as an profession as they expect it to be a hobby. And in some areas artists receive criticism that they don’t deserve.

To begin my curating journey, I chose to name the title “Carving Towards Future” for this exhibition; to remove (carve) the big circle of stereotypes, criticism, and move towards future. Removing anything that is stopping you to do what you want to do, this does not only apply to artists and their works, but to you who is looking at them as well. Not that art criticism is  bad, the context for criticism here is demotivation. The purpose of this exhibition focuses on bringing artists together and connect with them, looking at their wonderful works and absorb nothing but just their art and energy.


“Stop! Breathe! You are doing great. Look around the beautiful world, take a break. Remove the negativity and move towards a wonderful future that awaits to see you.”

"Carving Towards Future" online exhibition has now ended. Please feel free to download the exhibition catalogue below. 


So much art & So little time!


© 2021 by, Aishwarya Kulkarni

All rights reserved.

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