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Message from the Curator

Did you ever come across a story that you never heard about initially and it changed you personally or professionally to perceive things different ways? Did you know that many people are waiting to hear that one story to begin a fresh start, which perhaps can be YOURS? ‘Awaiting Voices’ was conceptualised to create a stage to display stories of art, life, and experiences from twenty-five wonderful artists with strong work-medium and stories to tell you. The process of displaying this exhibition materials together was an incredible experience, and we have carefully curated this show to portray the works that compliment the concept ‘Awaiting Voices’.

I would like to introduce my fellow curator Sunaina Khandelwal, and working with her on this curatorial collaboration was an insightful experience.


Message from the Curator

Sunaina is a Multidisciplinary Artist and Independent Curator of Indian origin, currently based in Toronto, Canada. She achieved an MA Fine Art from the University of Arts, London, UK and has extensively exhibited her works on local and international scale, whilst assisting with the curation of various shows. She has successfully collaborated with Curators, Art Historians and Art Organizations in researching & organizing various educational platforms and exhibitions.

As creatives, we are never ending. Just like our works, our voices will change overtime. Who I was yesterday, what I am today and what I will be tomorrow will never remain the same. We will grow as people and our identities will change and personalities will shift all due to the experiences we face. These experiences will allow us to blossom into something better maybe even greater. Operating as both an Artist and Curator, I  am always being exposed to both sides of the art world, both just as  challenging yet inspiring at the same time. So let me tell you, if someone ever asks you “Who do you look up to?” or “Which famous artist or curator inspires you?” You may admire the work they do but always remember that you are your own voice, especially as a creative you will write your own history and you can never use someone else’s journey to become something else. Why? Because you are the greatest version of yourself and what you should do is constantly nourish that part of you.

No matter what stage you are at in life, be it personally or professionally your voice will always be waiting to be heard and that is the excitement. So my message to all of the established and emerging creatives out there is, keep going. Chose whatever path you need to, to get there but don’t hesitate to fail. Try and try again and once you do, you won’t be disappointed. Every step forward is  a positive change. I hope that ‘Mi-Sul’ can provide you with the necessary foundation to kick start your creative voices!

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‘Awaiting Voices’  is an online exhibition that features the works of  twenty-five artists from around the globe. The show addresses themes of  nature and memory as this encapsulates a poetic relationship between the artist and their creative identity through the language of art. ‘Awaiting Voices’  highlights a culturally diverse range of creative voices that experiment with mediums of Painting and Photography by utilizing their visual language to translate notions of colour and materiality. Every brush mark, application of colour and representation of a fond memory dictate a story that is yet to be heard, a story that will inspire the viewer by establishing a personal relationship between the artwork and the artist themselves.

These incredible  works of art  will take you through their journey by narrating individualistic stories behind each artist since  what comes next is a whole book of awe-inspiring voices.

Every drawing or painting starts with a dot that forms into a line, line that moves into curves and hatches to finally producing a completed painting. The illustrations that you are seeing from the front cover to the end of this book stands the beginning of a journey. The artists and their works are the life and colour, and your views will complete this catalogue and the exhibition.

'Awaiting Voices' online exhibition has now ended. Please feel free to download the exhibition catalogue below. 


So much art & So little time!


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