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a curator, blogger, artist, reader in history of art and, museum lover.

MA History and Philosophy of Art

Shortly put, I am an art enthusiast who is always curious about artworks, art movements, museums and art philosophy. A platform is what I needed to speak about my thoughts on basically everything about art, so here I am! I may not be perfect with words but I have many things to bring to the table. A lot of questions come to my mind when I look at a painting, or read about history and I would like to share my thoughts on those questions. 


“No one can stop you from doing what you like, it is always in your hands – your future”.


About the Website

Mi-Sul means art in Hangul, 미술. The pronunciation of this word is left a huge impression on me, which inspired me to name it after the website. The reason behind establishing “Mi-Sul” is to create a place to talk about my views on art. Certainly, art can be perceived in many ways, but to put my perception out in words was an important decision to create this website. Some of the topics of writings include reviews on exhibitions, art books & articles, art news that blew up the world, art movements, artists, and still growing. The recent development to this website is to publish online exhibitions, and the one you are reading right now is the Mi-Sul’s first online exhibition, and I am very thankful to you for taking your time to witness this exhibition. Although I know that my reviews are just a part of this art world, but I still needed a place to catalogue my views and my thoughts to look back on. This is also an open space that welcomes discussions and new ideas which will never forget to credit your name.


Terms & Copyrights


This is a non-profit and ad-free website, completely owned by the founder, Aishwarya Kulkarni. I do not take any Ad endorsements.

All the images of artworks, books and artists mentioned will rightfully be given credits without fail. If I fail to do so in any case or you would not want your work to be displayed on the website, please feel free to contact me directly and your works will be removed on request.

I do not take commissions to display any artwork or exhibition on the website, I always pick them myself and do the research myself. 

Thank you for coming here, it really means a lot to me.

So much art & So little time!


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